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Round Hill Roastery Aquiares Estate PB Filter (250g)

Round Hill Roastery Aquiares Estate PB Filter (250g)

Round Hill Roastery
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Roast - Filter
Harvest - Nov-March 2019-2020
Process - Washed
Taste - Plum, toffee, baked apple

Beans from one of the largest and most historic farms in Costa Rica, situated on the rich volcanic soil of the Turrialba region. In the 1980s Alfonso Robelo had a visionary approach towards the relationship between land owner and farm workers - he evolved the farm into a small town where workers purchased their own homes. Aquiares remains a model of sustainable agriculture.

Round Hill are based in Radstock, south of Bath and aim to highlight seasonality and the terroir of the small crops they select from independent coffee growers.

If you would like your beans ground, please let us know what brew method you are using by adding a note at checkout